When you think of work there are generally a couple of things that come to mind.  One is, of course, is money.  The other, and maybe not so defined is, time.  To break this down, let’s start with the common assumption is that a job pays less than a career, and that a career is bottom to top

This mindset generally comes from the assumption that a career is salary-driven and a job is hourly.  This is an “old-school” concept that holds no weight today.  You see, there is so much more to a career than you know.

For starters a career isn’t a single occupation, nor is it held at the same company from start to finish.  One could even venture to say that a career and life are synonymous, because they encompass everything that you do.

A career is what you build upon throughout your life.  It isn’t a role you play in the game of corporate society, and it certainly isn’t defined by you rising through the ranks of a single company.

Think of a video game where you specialize a character with a certain set of skills using experience.  This experience, is what your career is.  It is something that is now intertwined with your soul so much so that you have become what you have worked for.

The accumulation of this experience is what leads you to be either successful or unsuccessful. Only you can judge if you have gathered enough talent to satisfy your desires, and so looking for resolution in a one-dimensional occupation is rather unrealistic.

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